Newbie baring gifts!

New poster, long time lurker...

*nervous waves* I'm Lilly, keen mad artist who is absolutely IN LOVE with Loli fashion.
I'm pretty nervous about posting here... I draw Loli all the time, i design dresses ranging from the more traditional Classic and Sweet right through the cultural Wa and Qi to the somewhat suspiciously cosplay Nurse and Sailor... but the closest I've ever gotten to dressing Loli is a pair of Mary Janes that are way too chunky-goth for the lovely Lolita fashion, so i tend to feel like a bit of an imposter... *embarassed* 

After a little prodding by my adorable (yet secretly steely and persuasive...) Loli friend, I've gathered up the courage to post here.

A recent design- Lolita finds its way into the fairytales again...

Into the woods for a larger version!Collapse )

Venturing out into the communities of LJ, so I've Xposted in:  





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Help me!

Hello, Lolitas! 

I have a problem with Rosechocolat.

 I made my order and I have hoped several days and I have not received any data to pay :(, I have commented in the section of 1:1 Care to the client but I have not received answer either. Some of you has bought there? To e-mal what I must send the money? 

Help me Please!

And, sorry for my weird english. 

Sweet Lolita Friends~

I am seeking some new friends that are into dressing up Kawaii who reside in the Bay Area (Cali). I adore Lolita style and would like to share this passion for dressing up cute with other friends that live nearby me. I ♥ shopping for Kawaii stuff, dining out, going to the movies (haven't done in a long time), going to SBUX for a cuppa coffee, afternoon tea and lots more. Most of my friends that ♥ this style live VERY far. * LE SIGH*

Wanna know more about me?? You can check my intro HERE

I look forward to hearing from you and making *crossing fingers* lots of new friends.


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