petiteabielle (petiteabielle) wrote in elegantlolita,

I would really appreciate your help :)

Hello everyone!

I have long admired the Lolita lifestyle, so when I had a chance to choose a topic for my anthropology class, I really wanted to write a paper about it. I am captivated by the Lolita look and lifestyle. It is something I could definitely see myself becoming. I dearly wanted to attend a meetup, but couldn’t find anything in my area. I would be so grateful if you could take a few minutes to help me by answering the following short list of questions!  =^.^=

1. How did you decide which Lolita style best suited you?

2. Do you think most people who dress as Lolitas have higher than average income? Do you know of anyone with limited income who successfully dresses in Lolita?

3. Is there a male counterpart to a Lolita? Do you personally know any?

4. What would prevent someone from being a part of the Lolita community?

5. Do different types of Lolita get along together? For example, would an elegant gothic Lolita/aristocrat be good friends with a guro Lolita?

6. Do you dress as Lolita as part of a social statement? If so, what are you trying to communicate?

If you’d rather answer privately, you can email me at

Thank you very much for your help, this means so much to me!

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