peachypop (peachypop) wrote in elegantlolita,

rare elegant goth-loli bento set for sale

Hello! I thought that perhaps someone here would be interested in this.

I have a rather rare elegant gothic lolita bento set for sale. It pains me to part with it, but I'm badly in need of money and I'm putting up many treasured possessions for sale. I used it once, just to test how much it could hold, but otherwise it's pristine and in as-new condition. It includes the two-tier box, lace garter bento belt, chopsticks and chopstick case, and lace-trimmed carrying bag. There are no stains, tears, rips, digs or cracks on any of the items.

The colors look better in reality than they do in the photo. I suck at taking good pictures; I apologize for that. And you can't see very well, but each chopstick is decorated with a black gothic cross! The text reads "Pink Butterfly."

I'm looking for $25 for all of this. I paid over $50 for it when it was still being sold, and now that it's out of print, it's even harder to find!

If anyone is interested, please leave a comment here, or preferably, in this entry:

I also have other items, including elegant lolita food picks and an off-brand loli purse, elsewhere in my journal. Thank you for your potential interest!
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