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hello . my name is jessica knecht. I am new to this community and to gothic lolita fashion as a whole. I have been interested in it for years but because of the my strict parental situation i wasnt able to wear anything goth . Just 2 moths ago i moved out and now living with my roomate in our own apartment.  I am now to free to dress as i like and i am looking to buy some gothloli clothe which is where (hopefully) you guys come in. my problem is that i do not have much money so i was wondering if anyone had anything they would be willing to sell fro relativly cheap. While i do not have much i am willing to pay as high a price as i can afford. Also i am willing (if it would interest anyone) to trade items eithor for items of clothing or to substitue what i cannot pay for. As far as things to trade i am willing to trade just aobut nething i have that may be of interest. while i dotn have anything gothloli i do have A few ps3 games , some ps2 games , psp and ds games , sim games for computer , wall scrolls , a nintendo 64 and 13 games for  it, extra controlelrs for n64 , gamecube and ps3, a game cube , pocky and ramune soda , american and asian movies LOTS of,anime LOTS of manga , lots of manga and magazine scans iw ould be willing to burn to a cd , one pair of size medium black and white tripp pants , the autogrpahs from the ppl who did red vs blue and various other good. o also as a last minuite thought i go to ACEN every year and if you would like me to pick u up an autograph , art, a specific item , anything at all from that convention i would b glad to mail it to free of charge. as well as anything else u can think of. seriously  i dont care how bizzare it is . if i have it or can obtain it i would be willing to lol. o and dont forget youd have the knowledge that you helped someone get her start as a lolita and wat could be better than that...rigth? lol jk jk )  i am sorry i do not have more to offer and can not pay as much as you would prolly like   but it would really mean alot to mean if you could help me get my start as a gothic lolita. id be willing to send pics (if u care for them) of me wearing the clothes so that you could no that they went to a good home and i would be more than happy to referance you whenever someone asks for a place to buy clothes as well as linking to ur page and/or store in my profile and wherever possible.  if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. feel free to email me , im me at jssjknecht or write me on my livejournal.

what i am looking for:
i prefer the darker clothes as oppsoed to the brightly clolored sweet lolita stuff but i love it all and because beggars cant be choosers i will take anything.
i am 5'3 and into anything from an xtrasmall to a medium
my bust size is a 32-34. (but i am felxible on that  as i soe and can adjust the clothes as long as they are pretty close.)
my shoe size is 5.5-7
i am sorry those are the only measuremnts that i no (can u tell im new at this lol) but as i said before anything xsmall-medium should be fine. thanks again

jess kencht
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